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Dr. Usman Adamu

Welcome to the Department of Geography at Yobe State University where our major aim is to inspire and instill the love of research and academic activities in our students, so as to prepare them in facing the challenges of life and evolving environmental concerns after graduation. Over the years, the number of students admitted to the department has grown significantly and has attracted notable lecturers and numerous resource persons. The students have the privilege of attending seminars, conferences and workshops organised by research centres within and outside the university in order to improve their prospects, and also give them the opportunity of networking with renowned academics. The students are provided with state-of-the-art equipment, Geographic Information System (GIS) laboratory, Cartographic and Soil Science laboratory so as to enhance their academic learning and research. They are also carried on an interactive and engaging field trips, locally and nationally within the context of their academic activity. This handbook which contains the requirements and procedures of undergraduate program in Geography will give a further insight about the Department. Therefore, the students should bear the responsibility of abiding by all the rules and regulations contained in it. We wish you an interesting and pleasant year as a student in the Department of Geography.